Character Information
Name Be-Hyun
Korea Name 비현
Gender Male
Weapon Silver Thread
Affiliation Yu Sun Guild
Black Force
Manga Debut Chapter 15

Be-Hyun(비현) is a member of the Admiralty of Yu Sun Guild.

Appearance Edit

With spiky hair sticking out on each side and a hat-like in on his head. his face has a cross-form scar.

Personality Edit

A kind and caring personality.

Relationships Edit

Shi YeonEdit

He was the surbordinate of Shi Yeon as well as had feelings for her.

Hyun WooEdit

He was martial arts brothers with Hyun Woo.


He is the surbordinate of Shi-Hyui and ultimately end up with her.

Han Bi KwangEdit

He was Han Bi Kwang's drinking companion and accompanied Han Bi Kwang for a short while during Kwang's journey

History Edit

He was an orphan and was taken in by the Yu Sun clan.

The scar on his face was from the time when he tried to protect Shi-Hyui against a group of martial artists.

He practiced martial art to become the bodyguard of the woman he loved, Shi Yeon.

Was a member of the Amazing Four and the leader of Admiralty before Hyun Woo came and took over.


The Demon Sword ArcEdit

Duel at Hyun Bal Pa ArcEdit

Was heavily injured after he tried to protect Shi-Hyui against Cho Un-Hyun.

Weapons Edit

He uses threads which he calls Silver Thread, it allows him to "float" around mid-air.