Cho Un-Hyun
Cho Un-Hyun
Character Information
Name Cho Un-Hyun
Korea Name 초운현
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Sword
Affiliation Black Force
Cheon Ma Sin Gun Disciples
Manga Debut Chapter 48

The fourth of Cheon Ma Sin Gun Disciples.

Appearance Edit

His hair are slicked back and hes a scar on the left side of his lips.

Personality Edit

He is very cunning and conniving, he will do whatever to get what ever he wants even if he has to put his martial brother in harms way. He is also a coward when facing strong oppenents and will think twice to save his ass but he is very loyal to his master Cheon Ma Sin Gun.

Relationships Edit

Is the fourth disciple of Cheon Ma Sin Gun and Elder Martial Art brother of Han Bi Kwang.

History Edit


Duel at Hyun Bal Pa ArcEdit

He tried to kill Han Bi Kwang to ignite a war between White Force and Black Force but ended up in failure.

Conspiracy at Ho Hyub Gok ArcEdit

Attack on Song Mu Guild Arc Edit

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