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Dam Hwa Rin
Dam Hwa Rin
Character Information
Name Dam Hwa Rin
Gender Female
Status Alive ?
Weapon Ma Ryong Sword
Affiliation White Force
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Dam Hwa Rin(담화린) is the main female protagonist and is the granddaughter of Sword Emperor.

Appearance Edit

She first appeared dressed as a swordsman and portrait as a handsome swordsman but somewhat girly. Her hair is knit up and form a bun-like. She always has a bandage around her chest when dressed as a swordsman.

In chapter 2 she was dressed in nice woman cloth and and was portrait as a beautiful lady, with her long hair knit up and form a ponytail after Han Bi Kwang promised to tell her Sword Emperor's whereabouts if she introduce him to her "sister".

Personality Edit

She first appeared to be a cool and handsome young swordsman who doesn't shows any interest in women. According to Brother Yu, she appeared to be "very serious and stiff", but an exception to Kwang. Unlike other martial artists from White Force, she doesn't despise people from Black Force and especially Cheon Ma Sin Gun because of her grandfather.

As the story progress, she usually get jealous when she sees Kwang getting along with other women and doesn't come to accept her feelings for him after late in in the Manhwa.

In the early chapters, she acts differently when she's with Brother Yu compared to when she's with Kwang.

She's afraid of snakes.

Relationships Edit

Sword EmperorEdit

Hwa-Rin is the granddaughter of Sword Emperor and also his successor.

Yu Se HaEdit

He is her Elder Martial Art Brother whom she thought she had feelings for.

Jang Baek MountainEdit

She sees the people at Jang Baek Mountain as her own family.

Han Bi KwangEdit

He is her companion and later on her love interest. She denied her feelings at first but as the story progress she has come to accept those feelings and have also openly admit having feelings for him. 

Abilities & Affiliations Edit

She's known to be a skillfull swordsman but she's lacking the Ki needed to execute powerful skills due to her blocking the flow of her Ki. Her Ki wasn't fully released until Demon Face Armor awakened.

White ForceEdit

Hwa-Rin uses Jang Baek Style, a skill created by her grandfather, Sword Emperor.

Weapons Edit

Ma Ryong SwordEdit

The Ma Ryong Sword is one of the Eight Sacred Treasures. It was left to her by her grandfather, Sword Emperor, after he went missing.

Demon Face ArmorEdit

Also one of the the Eight Sacred Treasures. She started to wear the armor after being lent by the master of Song Mu Guild, Yu Won-Chan. The God of Medicine suggests Yu Won-Chan lending her the armor because she is someone who is very close to Sword Emperor.

It helps increase her Kii many times, but not until she is possessed by Ma Ryong Sword, did it start to fully awake to protect her, which in turn helps her "unlock her pressure points" and lead Hwa Rin to a new stage of development in martial arts

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