Do Wol Cheon
Do Wol Cheon
Character Information
Name Do Wol Cheon
Korea Name 도월천
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Unknown
Affiliation Black Force
Cheon Ma Sin Gun Disciples
Manga Debut Chapter 170
The second of Cheon Ma Sin Gun Disciples.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

He's cunning and mysterious, because no one knows what he is planning

He's also cruel and dangerous, killing all the people who are no longer useful and even threatening to kill his Black Winds' subordinates many times when they asked too much about his plan

Relationships Edit

Cheon Ma Sin Gun: his master

He's also working for Sinji but not under their control, mainly contact with Zhong Li

Martial arts brother of Baek Gang, Jin Pung Baek, Cho Un-Hyun, Choi Sang-hwe, and Han Bi Kwang

History Edit


Conspiracy at Ho Hyub Gok ArcEdit

He was first introduced in chapter 170 (English version) volume 26, receiving a letter from Han Bi Kwang, who asked about Sinji and Sword Emperor. He then sent a reply, saying to look for Sword Emperor at Jang Baek Mountain.

Attack on Song Mu Guild Arc Edit

Later in Bi Kwang's journey to Jang Baek Mountain, when he arrived at Song Mu Guild, Do Wol Cheon sent a spy to expose Kwang's identity and tried to kill him

Attack on Anmi Province ArcEdit

After Bi Kwang had left Jang Baek Mountain, it is revealed that Do Wol Cheon is working with Sinji. He blamed Zhong Li about their unsuccessful attempt to get rid of Han Bi Kwang, and urge Zhong Li to finish Kwang.

The last scene of him was him travelling with master Zhong Li on a boat.


He is expert in using ki and combat in general. His only named technique is Full Moon Devastation.

Weapons Edit

For most of the manhua he was using solely ki but as of ch. 535 it is revealed that his main weapon are pair of chakram. They may or may not be 8th sacred treasure. In chapter 538 there is a panel which show silhouette of all eight sacred treasure and that Chakram can be seen there. Yes they are ch. 550.

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