Gwak Jin Hyeon
Gwak Jin Hyeon
Character Information
Name Gwak Jin Hyeon
Korea Name 곽진현
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Unknown
Affiliation Ho Hyub Gok
Black Force
Manga Debut Chapter 113

Gwak Jin Hyeon is the master of Ho Hyub Gok.

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Conspiracy at Ho Hyub Gok ArcEdit

Was first introduced at chapter 113, however that person was Yeob Min Cheon of Hwanyoung gruop who was impersonating him at that time. In truth he was introduced as prisoner chained to the wall in ch.128. Chief reason for his imprisonment was Maha Singong, superb martial style created by Maha Jasin of which he was inheritor. Yeob Min Cheon wanted it and in order to obtain it had ordered Juryeo to infiltrate Ho Hyub Gok by posing as a servant. In time Gwan Jik Hyeon became romantically interested in (and possibly seduced by) Juryeo. However, when she collected enough information for Yeob Min Cheon to impersonate Gwak Jin Hyeon he was imprisoned in tunnels beneath his clan where he was kept alive so that Yeob Min Cheon could extract information on Maha Sigong. Eventually he was discovered by Han Bi Kwang and Noho who stumbled on room where he was kept in ch.128. Though drugged and weak from imprisonment he was able to sense abnormal state of Han Bi Kwang’s ki and give instructions how to handle it. He was rescued (alongside Han Bi Kwang and Noho) by Dam Hwa Rin and carried outside tunnels. As the group exited tunnels they ran into fleeing Yeob Min Cheon and rest of Hwan Young Guild. There he witnessed death of Juryeo and enraged fought Yeob Min Cheon, however he was weak from imprisonment and was rather efortlessly dispatched. Afterwards he was returned to Ho Hyub Gok to recover and resume his position. He grieved intensely after Juryeo, but it seems to have taken to heart Han Bi Kwangs' advice of not giving oneself to grief. Later on he hosted Black Winds 6th Division, their master, Han Bi Kwang, Dam Hwa Rin, and newly arrived Hwang Keon Woo and Nam-Lin Yasujok at his clan.

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