Han Sang Wu
Han Sang Wu
Character Information
Name Han Sang Wu
Epithet Geomjon
Sword Demon

(Geum Ma)
That Person

Gender Male
Status  ??
Weapon Sword
Affiliation Sinji
Manga Debut Chapter 57

Han Sang Wu is Han Bi Kwang Father and Hui Yeon husband he is also the ruler of Sinji and the original Sword Demon.

Appearance Edit

He has a beard and his hair is knit up. He looks like an older version of Han Bi Kwang

Personality Edit

Before he was possessed he was a kind and caring person, at least towards his family. After giving up his body to the demon, he no longer remained the same.

History Edit

20 years ago from the current storyline when Han Bi Kwang's father was Sinji, While there, he , his wife was killed and Han Bi Kwang was taken hostage.

After rescuing Han Bi Kwang, he then sealed away Han Bi Kwang's memories in hope that Han Bi Kwang would live a peaceful life. He then returned to Sinji for the secret of immortality, so that he can save his wife.

After returning to Sinji, he made a pact with Jaha Masin by letting it posssess his body, in exchange of using his vast knowledge to try revive his wife's life.

Circa 20 years ago as Sinji's successor he was sent to scout Murim and its capabilities by the late ruler of Sinji. During that time he challenged and killed countless members of Murim and created many enemies earning the name of Sword Demon. He also met Hui Yeon whom he married. 10 years later years later they lived in seemingly isolated house with their son, Han Bi Kwang. At that time they were found by some members of Murim that suffered at his hand years before. In attempt of taking revenge on Han Sang Wu they took his wife and son captive and threatened him with their murder if he resisted. Han Sang Wu obliged, however his enemies expressed their intention of killing them regardless, in retaliation for those he killed. They mortally wounded Hui Yeon. Faced with that Han Sang Wu took hold of his wife and retreated to Sinji in hope to heal her with advanced knowledge of Sinji leaving Bi Kwang hostage. After undetermined time he returned, slew Bi Kwang's captors and freed him. However, there was no happy reunion as he promptly proceeded to alter his son's memories making him believe to be the son of a hunter's family that was killed by a bear. Approximately at that time (timeline isn't clear yet) he made a deal with Jaha Masin to give his body to him in exchange for a cure for Hui Yeon.

Story Edit

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