Ho Hyub Gok
Character Information
Name Ho Hyub Gok
Korea Name 호협곡에
Head Gwak Jin Hyeon
Affiliation Black Force

Ho Hyub Gok (literaly tiger den cave) is a clan that hold a critical position in Black Force, so much so that Cheon Ma himself send his disciple (Choi Sang-hwe) to investigate. Its single most important asset seems to be Maha Singong style martial art that was created by Maha Jasin 300 years ago. It was deem so important by Cheon Ma Sin Gun that it may have been main reason for deploying his 6th disciple and may have been part of his wider preparations against Sinji and That Person (if authors thought that far ahead). Ho Hyub Gok had suffered recently: it was infiltrated by Hwan Young clan and its leader Yeob Min Cheon imprisoned its head and posed as him in bid to attain Maha Singong, Devilmen Bun hen and followers and, ultimately, form his own force. As a result of those action Ho Hyub Gok suffered heavy losses, but with a help of Han Bi Kwang and his companions it have survived and is on a way to recover. Jeom Bu clan is situated nearby. Ho Hyub Gok clan appeared only in Conspiracy at Ho Hyub Gok arc.

Notable members:

Gwak Jin Hyeon