Hyol Roe
Hyol Roe
Character Information
Name Hyol Roe
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Heaven Flipper Blade
Affiliation Dojong
Manga Debut Chapter 225

Member of Dojong. He was recognised for his skill by That Person and was allowed to keep using his blade.

In ch.225 he was showned receiving order from ruler of Sinji to retrieve Ma Ryong sword and Flame Dragon Blade as well as discover what happened to Ja Seom Pung.

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A muscular man with long pale hair.

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Attack on Song Mu Guild Arc Edit

He was first seen receiving order from That Person to retrieve Flame Dragon Blade and Ma Ryong Sword.

Six Dragon Gods of Jung Pa ArcEdit

Abilities Edit

His weapon of choice is large blade called Heaven Flipper Blade.