Hyonmu Heavenly Bow
Heavenly Bow
Item Information
Name Hyonmu Heavenly Bow
Korea Name 현무파천궁
Romanized Name Hyeon-Mu Pa Cheon Gung
Owner Me Yujin
Status Awakened

True Awakening (Chapter 527)

Ability Long distance Ki sensing and Ki Arrows
Type Bow
Manga Debut Unknown
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Owner Edit

Me Yujin is its current master, has a short tempered personality. Doesn't like when other people use it apart from Yu-jin.

Awakened Edit

It has fully awakened by Me Yu-jin.

Ability Edit

It can sense and allow the user to seen others Ki from far away and can also shot out Ki arrows.

History Edit

It was in Sword Emperor possession but was then given to Me Yu-jin by Sword Emperor.

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