Jaha Masin
Character Information
Name Jaha Masin
Epithet Geomjon
Sword Demon

(Geum Ma)
That Person

Gender Male
Status Alive
Affiliation Sinji
Manga Debut Chapter 57 (Mentioned)

Appearance Edit

Since he is possessing Han Sang Wu he looks like him right now.

Personality Edit

Bloodthirsty and selfish. He enjoys inflicting pain and watching people suffer.

Relationships Edit

Han Bi KwangEdit

Possessing the body of Han Bi Kwang's father.

History Edit

Sustain heavy injuries due to Jaha Singong and flee to Sinji, due to his injuries he became disfigure and disable.

While his time at Sinji, he discovered the art of transferring soul to another body. From there he began learning all types of martial arts and knowledge from what Sinji can offer. As he hits the epitome of hidden arts and knowledge, he searches for vessel which have the latent physical potential/talent to be able to perform those martial art and rule Murim.

  • Through his Soul Transfer Technique Jaha was able to learn the secrets of all 8 Sinji Clans and using the Soul Manipulation Technique he was able to control the leaders of the clans of Sinji. Vol 71 Chp 519

His latest victim is Han Bi Kwang's Father.



Master of Jaha Singong

Martial arts of the 8 clans of Sinji

Able to create Eight Sacred Treasures

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