Keum Tae Kwan
Keum Tae Kwan
Character Information
Name Keum Tae Kwan
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Blade
Manga Debut Chapter 116

He’s a famous Bandit

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Conspiracy at Ho Hyub Gok ArcEdit

Keum Tae Kwan was first seen with his subordinates trying to rob Han Bi Kwang, Dam Hwa Rin and So-Hyang. When Han Bi Kwang and Hwa Rin ignore him he tried to attack them but he was quickly defeated by Hwa Rin. After his lost he had his subordinates throw a steel web over Han Bi Kwang, Hwa Rin and So-Hyang. Han Bi Kwang told him to release them or he’ll regret it. Keum Tae Kwan just laughed at him thinking he was bluffing when suddenly the Black Winds was right behind him. After the Black Winds dealt with them Han Bi Kwang robbed them. Angry that he was robbed of a years worth of gold he tried to robbed the first person he met which just happen to be Choi Sang-hwe.

Attack on Song Mu GuildEdit

He tried to rob Han Bi Kwang and Dam Hwa Rin again but Han Bi Kwang robs him instead.

About a week later he tried to rob Dam Hwa Rin but he was again robbed by Han Bi Kwang.

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