Lee Hwa
Lee Hwa
Character Information
Name Lee Hwa
Korea Name 이화
Gender Female
Status Alive
Weapon Twin Swords
Affiliation White Force
Yonbi Family
Six Dragon Gods
Manga Debut Chapter 229

Lee Hwa is one of Six Dragon Gods, the only daughter of the Yonbi Family. She loves Jin Phe Wun and confessed to him.

Appearance Edit

Her hair is tied up, quite short compared to other female characters in the manhwa. She has a sparrow decoration on top of her hair

Personality Edit

She's "manly" (according to Phe Wun), brave, and tough

She shows her sensitivity once (crying) when near Jin Phe Wun

History Edit

Story Edit

Six Dragon Gods of Jung Pa ArcEdit

Relationships Edit

Jin Phe Wun: She has a crush on him ever since she was little. She confessed to him but he was too occupied with Hwa Rin to realise that he also loves her. At the end of the arc, he finally confessed to her too.

Han Bi Kwang: At first she sees him as enemy, but after many times being saved by him and witness the love between Dam Hwa Rin and Bi Kwang, she sees him as a friend.

Dam Hwa Rin: Her love rival before being confessed to by Jin Phe Wun

Chun Oon-ak: One of the Six Dragon Gods. He proposed to her, but she was disgusted by him.

Abilities Edit

Weapons Edit

She uses Twin Swords