Maryong Sword
Ma Ryong Sword
Item Information
Name Maryong Sword
Korea Name 마령검
Romanized Name Maryeong-geom
Owner Dam Hwa Rin?
Status Unknown
Ability Nulify all kind of magic, can possess the user and kill them
Type Sword
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Also known as "Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword" or just "Demon Sword" and is one of the Eight Sacred Treasures of Murim.


Currently it's unknown who is its master, but Dam Hwa Rin is the current character that possess it.


It's unknown wherther it's awakened or not, the Manhwa did mention that the seal is broken.


Ma Ryong possesses the ability to nullify all kind of magic (when it nullifies, 5-colored petals are released). Unlike Flame Dragon Blade - which can only be used by its master, Ma Ryong Sword can be used by anyone, and it appears just to be a good sword.

Like the Flame Dragon Blade, there is a spirit wich resides inside the sword. In this case he calls himself a "Demon that travels around the ninth sky" and searchs a body to posses. (Ch 99, page 19 ).

As far as the Manhwa goes, when users are thirsty for power (like Brother Yu, and recently Hwa Rin), it will speak to seduce them give up their consciousness. In turn, the sword will increase their power to the most. However, if the users are not its true master, it will drain their energy to death. In other words, Sword Emperor has said: it devours human consciousness.

When awakened, Ma Ryong sword will possess their owner and make him able to use the Ma Ryong sword Style, wich is the same used by "Sword Demon" and the one that is explained in the Demon Sword style book, the one that Brother Yu found after Sword Emperor asked him to do so. Both the book and the sword comes from Sinji [Confirm]

It is not clear if this sword can be awakened without being possessed, apparently not, since Sword Emperor himself fears the power of this weapon and ask Dam Hwa Rin not to fall into temptation. Also, it is mentioned that not even "Jaha Masin or That Person" ( Sinji's leader ) is able to fully control this sword.


It used to belong to Sword Demon, for unknown reason (possibly due to the fight between the Five Great Sages and Sword Demon), it now belongs to Sword Emperor (Chapter 173). When Sword Emperor went missing, Hwa Rin took the sword and traveled along Murim with it. So now Dam Hwa Rin possesses it, but not yet proves to be its true master.

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