No Jae Kyeong
No Jae Kyeong
Character Information
Name No Jae Kyeong
Korea Name 노재경
Epithet Sky Spear
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Weapon Spear
Affiliation Jeom Bu Guild
Black Force
Manga Debut 115

No Jae Kyeong was the head of Jeom Bu Guild, a small guild associated with Black Force. He’s also Noho older brother.

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Conspiracy at Ho Hyub Gok ArcEdit

No Jae Kyeong was first seen fighting Young. After a short conversation with Gwak Jin Hyeon about Cheon Ma Sin Gun they started fighting. After No Jae Kyeong attacks had no effect on “Gwak Jin Hyeon” he was then killed.

Abilities Edit

No Jae Kyeong is a spear wielder some of his techniques are

“Nak Seong Spear Fifth Style: Nak Seing Wan Li Dan”

and “Bu Seong Do Eun Ha”.