Sa Eumin
Sa Eumin
Character Information
Name Sa Eumin
Korea Name 사음민
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Unknown
Affiliation Sinji
Manga Debut Chapter 334

Sa Eumin is the master of Heavenly God Palace, "an important faction in Sinji"

Appearance Edit

See the picture.

Personality Edit

He's mysterious that even That Person doesn't know what he plans when allowing Han Bi Kwang and his friends entering Sinji

He's also intelligent and calm, always watching events from a safe distance

He seems to have fallen in love with the Goddess

History Edit

In vol.72 ch.524 Hyol Roe claims that he is legitimate succesor of Geomjong citing rumor he heard from people from Hwanjong and that it is the reason for his skillful handling of Ma Ryong Sword. Sa Eumin does not outright deny it simply answering that he bets that he (Hyol Roe) is in good mood since he managed to vent out all he wanted to say before dying.

Story Edit

Salsung of the East Arc Edit

He first appeared in chapter 334, having discussion with Zhong Li, but throughout the whole event, Zhong Li actually set up a trap to eliminate him.

In chapter 346, it appeared that he has destroyed villages near the East Mountain territory, defeated Noho and been about to kill him when being interfered by the previous Salsung. He managed to kill the previous Salsung of the East.

He was then beaten nearly to death by Noho, but according to him, he has just underestimated him

Guardian of San Hae Gok ArcEdit


Weapons Edit

He can use a variety of weapons in the manhwa

It appears that he mainly used ki to defeat Noho

In the battle in the East, after Jadam is killed, he took back Gwe Myeong Sword and freely use it against Noho

Back in Sinji, he used some kind of spider webs to communicate with others in his faction. He hasn't been seen using those webs in battles, however.