Shi Yeon
Shi Yeon
Character Information
Name Shi Yeon
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Weapon Snakes
Affiliation Yu Sun Guild
Black Force
Manga Debut Chapter 10

Appearance Edit

Said to be a beautiful lady, her hair is like that of medusa, she have a three scars on her body that run from her right chest down to her left waist.

Personality Edit

A twisted personality, she will do anything for the one she love, as far as killing that person so that he will always be by her side.

Relationships Edit

Hyun WooEdit

She was the wife of Hyun Woo.


She is Shi-Hyui's elder sister.


She was Be-Hyun's master.

History Edit

She framed Hyun Woo for treason after she noticed he doesn't have eyes for her, that he couldn't leave everything behind for me.

After her father, the head of the Yu Sun clan being killed by Hyun Woo, she became the mistress of the Yu Sun Guild.


The Demon Sword ArcEdit

Shi Yeon death

She end up dead after trying to save Hyun Woo when they were ambushed with explosives by Song Mu clan(Chapter 20).

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