Song Mu Guild
Character Information
Name Song Mu Guild
Head Yu Won-Chan
Affiliation White Force

The Song Mu Guild is one of the 10 largest clans in White Force. They are located at the southern side of Murim, in province Jungwon. Their headquarter is in trading town Hwajon, which clan have managed for the last 300 years. Song Mu clan boast with achievement unparalleled by any other clan: approximately 10 years earlier they annihilated the elite division of Black Winds, the fourth division although that success hadn't came without price. Then master of the clan, father of Yu Won-Chan and Yu Seung Bin fell in battle and position was inherited by his older son, Yu Won-Chan.

Notable members:

Yu Won-Chan

Yu Seung Bin

Kwon Dong Hee

Jang Gun

Cho Lim