Dam Sin Woo
Sword Emperor
Character Information
Name Dam Sin Woo
Korea Name 담신우
Epithet Sword Emperor

(검황 Geum-hwang)

Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Sword
Affiliation White Force
Five White Sages
Hyon Mu Guild (disbanded)
Jang Baek Mountain
Manga Debut Chapter 5

Sword Emperor(English) also known as Geum-hwang(검황), real name is Dam Sin Woo(담신우) is the strongest of the Five White Sages. He is the creator of the Jang Baek Style and is the grandfather of Dam Hwa Rin. Said to be the leading figure of White Force.

Appearance Edit

Appeared to be an old man with a kind expression on his face, in the beginning he has short beard but as the story progress his beard becomes longer.

Personality Edit

He's respected by many people, even those of Sinji who came to kill him when he became a "gatekeeper" to prevent Sinji warriors from swarming into Murim. He never killed Sinji warriors the first time they fought him, he just took the weapons and spared their lives

His personality can be said calm and righteous.

Relationships Edit

Dam Hwa RinEdit

He is her grandfather and taught her Jang Baek Sword Style.

Cheon Ma Sin GunEdit

It's hinted that they were good friends back in the days (might still are). When Kwang and Hwa Rin was repeating their fight, Yu Mei Jin noted that the fight looks more like good friends having a good talk with each other rather rivalry fighting.

Five White Sages: Out of the four others White Sages, it's said that he was/is good/close friend with Guege and Shin-Gong.

He also seems to have a good relationship with the late Goddess of the East, one of the 4 leaders of the Neutral Force.

History Edit

It's said that he disbanded the Hyon Mu Guild 10 years ago to retire from Murim and went to Jang Baek Mountain, the people from his guild then followed him to Jang Baek Mountain and has lived there since. He then was saved by Han Bi Kwang after he had a duel with Cheon Ma Sin Gun, he later teached Kwang the Jang Baek Style and Kwang can also be considered his first disciple(unofficial). I think the first disciple is Yu Se Ha but its still unclear whether he have blood relationship with sword emperor or not.

20 years ago, together with the other four White Sages they fought against "Sword Demon" and managed to defeat him.

During his fight agaisnt Cheon Ma Sin Gun, he meets Han Bi Kwang, after that he disappears form Murim and nobody seems to know where he is at the moment, except probably Cheon Ma Sin Gun.

Later in the manga, he was found to be the self-appointed gatekeeper to prevent the Sinji warriors from leaving their territory to attack Murim.

Story Edit

The Demon Sword ArcEdit

Guardian of San Hae Gok ArcEdit

Abilities Edit

Weapons Edit

Sword Emperor uses sword to fight against his opponents, his skill wasn't put to display until very late in, when he fought against Sinji warriors Zhong Li, Yun Sang Geo and Thousand Swordsmen Army under command of Yun Sang Geo.

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