Cheon Yu Hyeon
Character Information
Name Cheon Yu Hyeon
Korea Name 천유현
Epithet God of Medicine

(약선 Yahk-Sun)

Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Unknown
Affiliation White Force
Five White Sages
Bek Fung Guild
Manga Debut Chapter 48

Yahk-Sun(약선) or "God of Medicine"(English), real name is Cheon Yu Hyeon(천유현) is an old man who lives in a reclusive home in the jungle. He treats the wounded regardless which faction they belong to. He is the former master of Byuk Poong Moon Clan and grandfather to the current master, Chun Oon-ak and is one of the Five White Sages.

Appearance Edit

He wears simple cloth(traditional doctor cloth) has long beard and moustasche, his eyes seems to always be closing.

Personality Edit

Collective and calm.

Relationships Edit

Is the grandfather of Chun Oon-ak.

History Edit

Is one of the Five White Sages that defeated Sword Demon.

Story Edit

The Demon Sword ArcEdit

Duel at Hyun Bal Pa ArcEdit

In chapter 63, he mentioned that he already retired from Murim.

Attack on Song Mu Guild Arc Edit

He comes to Song Mu Guild thanks to Yu Seung Bin to treat Han Bi Kwang. After that he tells Yu Won-Chan to give Dam Hwa Rin the Demon Face Armor.

Abilities Edit

Weapons Edit

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